Last Updated: 6/19/2020 3:56 PM

CLC is offering week long summer camps (ages preschool through high school) for children with ASD and other areas of needs. Each camp will be specifically developed to promote:

  • social skills
  • peer play
  • language development
  • appropriately expressing feelings
  • learning friendship skills
  • and encouraging fun!

A sample weekly schedule might include:

            Week 1: Bring on the Games!

            Week 2: Water Fun

            Week 3: Fun with Science

            Week 4: Let’s Build

            Week 5: Where the Wild Things Are

            Week 6: Put Your Chefs' Hats On

            Week 7: Animals

            Week 8: In the Jungle

  • Groups will be no larger than 6-8 children, with child-to-staff ratio as needed. Preschool groups will have no more than 4-6 children.
  • Children classified ready for the camp experience will be placed into groups based on current level of performance and social skills.