CLC is offering week long summer camps (ages preschool through high school) at the Woods Lane site in Los Altos for children with ASD and other areas of needs. Each camp will be specifically developed to promote:

  • social skills
  • peer play
  • language development
  • appropriately expressing feelings
  • learning friendship skills
  • and encouraging fun!

A sample weekly schedule might include:

            Week 1: Bring on the Games!

            Week 2: Water Fun

            Week 3: Fun with Science

            Week 4: Let’s Build

            Week 5: Where the Wild Things Are

            Week 6: Put Your Chefs' Hats On

            Week 7: Animals

            Week 8: In the Jungle

  • Groups will be no larger than 6-8 children, with child-to-staff ratio as needed. Preschool groups will have no more than 4-6 children.
  • Children classified ready for the camp experience will be placed into groups based on current level of performance and social skills.