CLC is especially excited about the early intervention programs that have been designed and implemented with our younger children with High Functioning Autism. CLC has successfully assisted children with Autism with inclusion into public and private schools. In many cases these students have eventually been included with limited and/or no support. CLC provides school inclusion preparation for Kindergarten-bound students or 1:1 transition assistance from special day classes in public and private schools throughout the Bay Area.

Inclusion is available for preschoolers in the CLC/Foothill Preschool, in clinic social skills groups, in school district and private school classrooms, in the onsite kindergarten program, in facilitated small group play dates, in CLC summer camp programs, in CLC after-school programs, and in community-based programs. Some of the tools utilized in our inclusion program include, but are not limited to:

  • Intensive parent training and family involvement
  • Modified Applied Behavior Analysis
  • School Inclusion Readiness Program
  • Incidental Learning
  • Theory of Mind Development
  • Referencing Skills Development
  • The Development and implementation of individualized tools and adaptations
  • Prompt-dependence fade out program
  • Access to a controlled general education classroom environment